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Telehealth: Work From Home Positions for Registered Nurses

In researching content for Telework Academy, one of the most fascinating things we have discovered is the sheer variety of fields which offer work from home positions. One of the most unexpected discoveries? The high demand for medical professionals, specifically registered nurses.

Companies seeking nurses to provide phone or chat medical advice and longer-term case management services have found that, for certain cases, this telehealth support is more cost and time effective for both the patient and health professional. There are also companies looking for RN’s to work as online educators for fellow nurses, in research positions, and as recruiters for nurses in hospitals around the world.

Getting one of these positions typically requires that you’ve worked in an in-person hospital environment for at least 3-5 years. Most positions require you to have a college degree, although some will accept an associates degree in nursing. Primarily, companies are looking for candidates with a strong history, great communication skills, and above average computer skills.

We found several links to help you research current telecommute positions for nurses:

If you’re a nurse who’s interested in working from home but feel that your computer competency needs a boost, we’d recommend spending some time going over the content in our Basic Skill Building for Teleworkers post.

For nurses who’d like to assist patients over the phone, or in an online chat capacity, the Customer Service Specialist series may be a valuable tool in understanding the basics of digital communication.

If you’re hoping to branch into an educator position, we’d also recommend the Foundations of Teaching with Technology course from (Sample video below.)

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