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Resources: Job Search Websites for Teleworkers

Here are a few of our favorite websites to search for telecommute positions.

  • – The merged Elance & ODesk website is a promising new site that allows freelancers to respond to job listings with proposals and portfolios. They also have a number of skill tests that allow you to prove your knowledge of a specific program or business skill.¬†This is a great website to get started in the teleworking world. You’ll find everything from simple, on-off fixed rate jobs to high paying, long-term hourly positions. Read more about how to get noticed on UpWork here.
  • – Flex Jobs posts more traditional-meets-telecommute jobs. You’ll find more long-term positions here, and the application process will feel very much like what you’ve experienced in office jobs previously. There are great positions available here, some with full benefits and permanent positions available, with highly competitive applicants.
  • – A website promoting large companies moving towards hiring more remote workers. They offer¬†high-level listings with major companies in their job board section.
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