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Teleworkers: How to Turn it Off

If you work from home already, you already know what this post is about. How do you step away from "the office" when the office is your house? Good question. The answer is that it's going to take some time for you to figure it out for yourself. Speaking from

7 Reasons Telecommuting is For Overachievers

For older generations, the idea of working from home sounds a little bit (or a lot) like a lazy choice. Of course, millennials are pretty used to having the word "lazy" thrown at them. The reality is, if there is one personality type that is wrong for teleworking it is the lazy. Here

What to Wear to a Video Interview or Conference Call: 5 Tips

One of the reasons that teleworking has exploded in recent years is that communicating over video calls has become second nature to most people. Using Facetime, Google Hangouts, or Skype allows you to be "in person" for interviews and conferences without having to actually be in the room. While applying for

Creating the Ultimate Home Office

The best perk of working from home is... working from home! Creating your home office is not only important for your work, but fun too. You should create a space that's functional for you, and one that you really enjoy being in. We've put together a list of things to consider

Building Strong Digital Communication Skills

A recurring theme here at Telework Academy is that if you want to succeed at working from home, you're going to have to go above and beyond in certain areas of your work. The most important of these areas is communication. Communication with your employer, colleagues, clients, anyone you need

Free Download: 4 Quick Steps to Get Hired as a Teleworker

We're excited to offer our first free download in a new teleworker educational series. This presentation goes through the initial steps to setting up an online resume for telecommute jobs. We also offer some valuable tips on building the strength of your online resume, even when you don't have a

5 Basic Teleworker Requirements

Many people aren't sure if they're qualified to work from home. The reality is that most of the technical skills you need to get a telework position are quite simple to learn. Here's a quick list of skills you might want to pick up if you're going to compete in

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