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7 Reasons Telecommuting is For Overachievers

For older generations, the idea of working from home sounds a little bit (or a lot) like a lazy choice. Of course, millennials are pretty used to having the word “lazy” thrown at them. The reality is, if there is one personality type that is wrong for teleworking it is the lazy.

Here are seven reasons why people who work from home are actually overachievers.

1. We’re self-motivated… which is a legitimately difficult skill.

Sticking on task and getting work done amid the distractions of home takes a high level of organization and self-awareness.


2. Can you say jack of all trades?

When you work from home, you have to pick up a lot of skills that people who work in an office full of employees with different talents don’t have to. You know how to scan documents, design in Photoshop, organize your own calendar (and your employer’s), and make the coffee. There are no assistants, it’s just you.


3. Laser focus.

Have you ever tried to get anything done in your house? Between significant others forgetting that even though you’ve been home all day, you have been working to your pets or children running amok… the whole reasons offices were invented was to remove people from these distractions. Telecommuters just have to build their focus skills.


4. We make the most of our free time.

Sure, people who work from home often have flexible hours. But instead of using those hours to lounge around in our pajamas–we use them to see our kids’ school play, to volunteer for a great organization, and more often than not to work on our “passion” career.

5. Many of us are “on call” 24/7.

The curse of working from home is that… you literally never leave your office. Learning how to turn off work mode can be difficult, but it’s vital. That can be hard when clients (sometimes in different time zones) are emailing you at all hours of the night.

6. We’re creative, creative, creative.

Just being able to create a professional environment in your own home shows a strong creative ability. Beyond that, many of the people you’ll meet who work from home are doing so to be able to give time to something else they are passionate about. It’s like having two jobs, but only getting paid for one… all because you love something just that much.


7. We are our own job creators.

You have to be aggressive to get hired in a telecommute position. We actively seek out work, constantly writing job applications and proposals. We’re masters of phone interviews and portfolio advertising. If you’re a non-telecommuter who is looking for a new job, ask one of your friends who works from home for tips. Often, our clients are intentionally short-term, which means we’re always on the job hunt.

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